• 02Oct

    As we previously announced , mobile ordering through the Disneyland App recently expanded to even more quick-service restaurants around both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks. And just last week, new locations at Disneyland park – Edelweiss Snacks, Stage Door Café, Refreshment Corner and Royal Street Veranda – were added to the lineup, which now includes more than 20 participating locations! Mobile ordering makes it easier than ever for guests to order, pay and pick up fresh food while spending a day at the parks. All you need is your phone and the Disneyland app, and you can place and order anywhere at Disneyland Resort! Whether you’re strolling down Main Street, U.S.A., or waiting to hop on Haunted Mansion Holiday, mobile order makes it easy to plan ahead, save time and make the most out of your day. In addition to the full list of menu offerings at each of these locations, guests can also currently order some seasonal favorites at these new locations, including the Halloween Hot Dog at Refreshment Corner and seasonal funnel cake at Stage Door Cafe, now through October 31.

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    Mobile Ordering Now Available at More Disneyland Resort Quick-Service Food Locations


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  • 14Nov

    As always you'll want to wear comfortable socks and break in your shoes for a few days before coming to Walt Disney World. This helps prevent blisters. Use one of those tracking apps on your phone, and you'll be surprised …

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    Dressing for Vacation At Walt Disney World – Footwear | The Disney …


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  • 07Apr

    Being chosen as a member of the famed Walt Disney World Moms Panel is an extensive process that involves an application, essay writing, and in the end a phone interview with Disney Destination executives. By the time a finalist reaches the phone interview, he or she knows they have made it past literally thousands of applicants. That call is often the final step to making it on the panel. Needless to say, most panelists think long and hard about what they’ll say during the few minutes of the interview. What finalist Allison Valdes said when asked the last question during her interview brought the Disney executives to tears. When asked what her favorite Walt Disney World memory was, Allison said that she had not had it yet. That was an odd response, given that many finalists usually have visited Walt Disney World Resort dozens and dozens of times. I asked her to elaborate. Allison went on to explain that her son 7 year old son Reagan was born with Cerebral Palsy. During those first few hours of his life, his parents were told that he would most likely not survive. And if he did survive, he would be unable to talk, walk or function in any substantial way. Well Reagan had other ideas. He did survive. He speaks sign language and says a few words. “Baa” is his word for his favorite attraction Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin . A few years ago Reagan decided that through therapy he would walk and his first steps would be down Main Street USA. We’re sharing a photo of that day.

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    One Fine Day


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