• 16Oct

    Are you considering a trip to Walt Disney World Resort for the holidays or winter season? Well, we’re happy to share that two new deals we recently launched that you won’t want to miss! First up, our Play, Stay, Dine, & Save package is back, for guests booking vacations with travel dates between December 14-20, 2014, and January 5-March 7, 2015. This package includes theme park tickets , a resort stay , and a dining plan . (How much you save depends on which category of resort you choose).

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    Considering a Walt Disney World Vacation? Check Out Our Latest Vacation Deals


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  • 25Aug

    Have you ever returned to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room to see a sight like this? It sure looks like these Disney friends would love to come out and play. What’s on their minds? You tell us

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    Caption This: Toys Will Be Toys at Disney Resorts


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  • 19Apr

    I see this question asked a lot on Disney message boards:  Should I upgrade from a Disney value resort to a moderate resort?   For my money, the answer is easy:  No.  I realize this is an unpopular opinion and it probably makes me sound cheap, but hear me out.  I promise this isn’t entirely about wanting to spend more money in Disney signature restaurants. Okay, maybe it is.  But priorities are important, right? So what’s the difference between a value and a moderate?  I’m glad you asked: Theme :  Disney moderates have a more grown-up theme.  If you’re looking for a romantic weekend, Pop Century is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  All Stars, especially when cheerleading and football competitions are in town, should definitely not be the first thing that comes to mind.  Kids tend to love the values and some adults enjoy the theming, but overall, the moderates are more pleasing to the eye. ADVANTAGE:  Moderates, but only for those who actually spend time at their resort. Food :  Moderates resorts have a sit-down restaurant.  These aren’t the type of Disney restaurants you probably go out of your way to go to.  In other words, you’re not going to leave the Contemporary Resort and head over to the Pepper Market for dinner, but if you happen to be staying at the resort, they’re fine.  Values have food courts, which have a lot of variety. They’re also inexpensive and kids like them.  ADVANTAGE:  Values.  I love  Disney food, don’t get me wrong, but the table service restaurants at the moderates aren’t good enough to justify upgrading from a value to a moderate.  And if you’re on the dining plan, are you really going to waste a table service credit on Boatright’s when you can eat at Le Cellier or Boma for the same credit?  No, I didn’t think so. Rooms :  Moderate rooms run around 314 square feet; values a mere 260.  That amount of space means you can sleep five people instead of four (the fifth using a cot, which costs extra, or a trundle bed depending on the resort) and you’ll get a slightly larger vanity in the bathroom area.   It also means you’ll  have more space for a Pack & Play if you’re traveling with a small child.  Moderates also come with refrigerators.  You’ll have to pay $10 per day to rent a fridge at a value.  If you want to avoid that cost, go to the Disboard s and participate in one of their fridge swaps.   It’s a fun way to meet people. ADVANTAGE:  Tie.  Unless you  need to sleep five to a room, that extra 60 square feet isn’t doing much for you.  You’re still getting the same two double beds (some Coronado rooms have queens) and the same sheets as your friends over in the values.  Same pillows too. Amenities :  While both values and moderates are beautifully landscaped, there’s no denying that the mods have prettier grounds by most standards.  Moderates have slides, hot tubs and more pools.  They also have lounges where you can get an adult beverage and enjoy (fairly tame) nighttime entertainment.   In addition, moderates have adequate fitness centers if you’re thus inclined. ADVANTAGE:  Moderates, but again, it depends on how much time  you’ll be spending at your resort. Transportation :  I’m going to just call this one a tie.   Both levels of resorts have adequate bus service and I would be hard pressed to find a huge difference between value and moderate buses.  Service :   You’re going to get the same Disney service at a value as you will at a deluxe.  I secretly think that  Disney value cast members are kind of like the smart but akward girl at the Sadie Hawkins dance:  They try harder because they’re the underdog.  Not that I know anything about that sort of thing.  Ahem.  Move along, nothing to see here! ADVANTAGE:  Tie.  They’re both good. Cost :  Okay, so if you’re discounting cost entirely, you’re probably going to pick a moderate, but in the real world that’s really not an option, so let’s discuss numbers.  A week in November at Pop in a standard room runs a reasonable $849.  A standard room at Caribbean Beach Resort is $1361 for that same week, a difference of $512. That’s a big difference and only you can decide if the nicer amenities and theming are worth it.  Do you spend enough time in your room to justify that cost? But perhaps you need the extra space.  Maybe you’re like me and you have a family of five.  What do you do then?  Well, I might just rent a second room at a value or go with a value suite.  In both cases,  I’ll pay just a bit more than for a moderate  but I’ll get a lot of extra space, room for the adults to…

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  • 13Apr

    I read this great article today from Zannaland . It is something I have been wanting to do for sometime now but could never get myself motivated to do it. Zanna breaks down the differences between all the Walt Disney World Resorts and gives us her opinion of the properties along with some interesting tips & tricks. This is just the first post in a continuing series where she will go into detail covering all the Walt Disney World Resorts. After this series is completed you will walk away with a better idea on which property to visit and make your home away from home. Here is just a sample: As a child, my family discovered the wonder of Disney Resort properties after our 2nd or 3rd visit. I was still young enough at the time to be in complete awe when we arrived from the Orlando airport at the Lake Buena Vista check-in building (now the Amateur Athletics Association building near Downtown Disney) and were given the royal treatment. It’s no surprise, given Disney’s reputation, that 20 years later I still remember the kindness and attention we received from the cast member who’s name I’ve long since forgotten. That’s the Disney experience for you. We stayed on two different occasions in the 1980’s at Disney’s Vacation Villas. These were townhouse-style villas over by the “new” Disney Marketplace. There were 3 different types of villas – The Club Lake Villas, the Fairway Villas, Vacation Villas and the Treehouse Villas. In the 1990’s, these resorts were turned into accommodations for the Disney Institute. When that didn’t quite take off as planned, Disney decided to completely tear down and rebuild the villas (except for the Treehouse Villas!) and created the Saratoga Springs Resort, part of the Disney Vacation Club ownership program. Our experiences there were so wonderful that after that, we were hooked and became Disney Resort regulars. It’s kind of hard to go back to a motel off property once you’ve been spoiled by Disney. We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter quite a bit, then moved on to Wilderness Lodge and Beach Club. When we stayed at Beach Club, we knew we’d found our home. We would also enjoy the wondrous Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boardwalk, the All-Star and Pop Century properties and Port Orleans Riverside. But like I said, we found our home at Beach Club. If you try out a few Disney resorts, you will find your home too, trust me. There will be one setting that just stands out and each time you walk in the front doors, you take a deep breath, relax, and think – we’re home. This is the type of guest experience that other hotels only dream of achieving. To read the full article click here , and stay tuned for more posts from Zannaland! Trek Women Triathlon Series coming to Walt Disney World … My Magical Disney Vacation … Disney World Presents “Fall” Season of Sights, Sounds, Smells and Very Good Tastes … A Beautiful Place to Trade – Disney Pin Celebration 2010 … Share the Magic:

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  • 12Apr

    If you’re a parent of young twins or even if you have  two children who are very close together in age, you know that  just  going to Target can be something of a logistical nightmare that entails dragging lots of gear, hoping for a cart with two seats and straps that actually work, and doing everything you can to avoid meltdowns in the process, but that’s nothing compared to going someplace like Disney World. The truth is, taking two two-year olds on vacation is not the same as taking a one-year old (who probably can’t walk) and a three-year old (who is probably out of diapers and starting to listen better).  You’ll face additional challenges.   The extra work required  can run the gamut from mere annoyances to real safety issues.  But is it worth it?  I think so, and with a little planning, you can definitely make the experience  easier. The Stroller Issue: Probably the biggest challenge you’ll face.   Buses are especially difficult, so much so that I just avoid them completely because it’s just about impossible to get two small children (and your other kids, if you have them) on the bus and all while taking everything out of the basket of the stroller, collapsing  it, and then loading it on the bus.  While it can be done, expect annoyed stares from fellow passengers.  If you’re going to use the bus, carry a backpack that you can put everything into  from the stroller basket ahead of time.  This will make getting the stroller folded after  you take the kids out a lot easier.  Definitely don’t try to use the buses if you’re alone. This is a two-person job.  Once the kids are out of their stroller, keep in mind that Disney bus stops are very busy, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on them.  You can easily avoid Disney buses if you have your own car.  In fact, this is the one time I would absolutely insist on having a car at Disney World.  If having a car is not an option, consider staying at a monorail or Boardwalk resort.  You can also minimize the number of times you’ll need to take the bus by using the monorail and boats to park hop.   You can park hop between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom using the monorail and you can also park hop between Epcot and Hollywood Studios using the Friendship Boats. Both of these options allow you to keep your children in the stroller. You shouldn’t have too much difficulty maneuvering your stroller around the parks.  Most double side-by-side strollers are only slightly wider than a wheel chair and just about everything in Disney World is wheelchair accessible.  Keep in mind that you’ll have to take the kids out of their stroller at sit-down restaurants and while waiting in line for attractions and character meet-and-greets.  The biggest issue is the bottlenecks that happen in some parks.  On a crowded day, it can be nearly impossible to maneuver your stroller around Frontierland and in Tomorrowland, so if possible, try to visit the World during a slower time of year.  If that’s not possible, go to the parks early in the day when they are less crowded.  Some twin parents use two single strollers rather than a double stroller. Not only is it easier to maneuver and to get on the buses, it allows you to split up if one twin needs to go back to the resort, for example.  Even better, and I’m sure all twin moms know about this, it helps avoid what I call twin fight club:  Bored with being in the stroller, they start smacking each other.   Come on, you know  you’ve been there.   It’s a well-known fact that if one twin falls asleep in the stroller the other twin is obsessively compelled to poke and annoy his sibling.  The only downside of this is that one parent can’t push both strollers while the other parent does something on her own. Feeding them: If your kids are still using a highchair, consider getting portable booster seats.  They’re small and easy to pack.  Most  rental houses off site will have one highchair. Ask your agent if your home comes with a highchair; they may possibly be able to give you a second one as well.  I’ve never  had any trouble finding highchairs in Disney restaurants. Where are they going to sleep? Sleep is a big one.  My twins sleep in separate rooms at home and the first couple of times we travelled to Disney World with them and they stayed in the same room, it took some getting used to.   If your kids are still in cribs, you’ll get a Pack and Play if you’re staying at a Disney resort. …

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    Taking Twin Toddlers to Disney World.


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  • 08Apr

    From Jackie A.:  “We are staying at the Carribean Beach resort. As we are limited in luggage weight/space, is there a place within the disney resorts where we can do a load or two of laundry?” Jackie, thanks for reading the site and for your question.  You can do laundry right at your resort. Each of the  five villages has its own laundry room. I’ve never used the laundry at CBR, but I’ve used them at other resorts and they’ve always been clean.  Bring a small box of detergent from home as the selection at the resorts is very limited.  If you’re placing an order with a grocery delivery service like Garden Grocer, you can also order from them. Have a great trip. Have a Disney question?  Ask Chip and Co .   If we can’t answer your question, we’ll find someone who can. Dress up as the Mad Hatter for Halloween – How to video … It’s more fun time with Jonas Sweepstakes … Disney Week in Review – March 7th – 14th … Disney/Marvel The First Avenger: Captain America Leading Role … Share the Magic:

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