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    This question come from Emily, who asks:  “Is it worth getting the meal plan if your a vegetarian? Are there enough meal options?” Emily:  Thanks for your question and for reading Chip and Co. We really appreciate it.  The answer really has to do with whether or not the dining plan is a good deal for you in general, I think.  Most Disney table service restaurants have at least one vegetarian entree on the menu.  If it were the case that there was j ust  one vegetarian item, I might hesitate to recommend the dining plan to vegetarians.  Fortunately, you can request a vegetarian meal that is not on the menu by using the procedure listed here.  The great thing is that most chefs regard making a vegetarian meal as a fun challenge, so you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised if you trust the chef to use his imagination.  Most dishes will reflect the theme of the restaurant.  You can also ask for something special at a buffet or have someone point out the vegetarian options to you.  The trickier issue is going to be counter service meals.  You’ll find the most vegetarian options in the Magic Kingdom and in Epcot, so you might consider taking adantage of counter service options when you’re in those parks and saving at least some of your table service credits for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  Snacks are generally meat-free, so they’re a non-issue; vegans will find lots of fruit and other items that don’t contain animal products.

    See the original post here: Ask a Disney Question: Is the Dining Plan Worth It for Vegetarians?


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